For Wardrobes, shoe cases, and cupboards
Because SUMI absorbs moisture and odors, it will keep the contents in storage areas in the best condition. Periodically take SUMI out of the closets and dry it in the breeze for longer usage.
For Cooking Rice
With SUMI, you can have better tasting rice because of its purification power and far infrared rays, which is generated from SUMI. Simply boil a piece of SUMI in water for 15 minutes and let it cool before using it for rice.
For Rooms
SUMI absorbs and eliminates odors including pet and tobacco odors, gases and toxic smokes such as dioxin, and regulates moisture in a room and also generates "minus ion" in the air. By regulating the moisture in a room's atmosphere, we can avoid a break out of ticks or mold. For a 5-6 sq. meter room, use 20kgs. of SUMI. Just place it either on a counter or on the top of a piece of furniture in the room. To keep it active forever, simply rinse and thoroughly dry SUMI from time to time.
For drinking water
SUMI will turn tap water into mineral water, which keeps you in good health. SUMI will remove chlorine and trihalomethane from the water and will produce natural minerals. Water with SUMI tastes better. In addition, SUMI produces smaller molecule structured water, which is easily absorbed into the body. Put SUMI in a pan with water and boil it for 15 minutes, then cool it down before using. The standard is 100g or 1/4 pound for 1 liter. Let it sit for 6 hours in drinking water. It is good for cooking and making tea and coffee as well. The water is good for one day and SUMI can be reused for up to one month. After a month, dry SUMI and use it

SUMI, an odorless, moisture-free charcoal, is made from a wild
oak species calledUbamegashi which grows mainly in the Kishu province (present-day Wakayama and MiePrefectures). The tree are cut in the mountains and made into lumber, then put into a kiln heated to over 1,000 degrees Celsius. After burning red in the oven, the charcoal is taken out and cooled down by sprinkling an extinguishing powder over it. This unique charcoaling which takes two weeks constant care has been designated an "intangible cultural asset in WakayamaPrefecture. It also claims fame for being used for exclusive cooking since the Edo Period (ref. Jukichi Kishimoto, "Charcoal and Mokusaku Liquid User's Dictionary" 1997).

In recent years, other uses for this precious commodity have been discovered: it now serves as a deodorant, maintenance of room moisture, control of negative and the reduction of electromagnetic waves from home appliances.

Though advancements in technology have brought many conveniences to our modernlives, people are now looking for ways to maintain convenience yet avoid processedchemicals. SUMI is a beautiful and exciting solution to the quest for a more natural and balance life!

@How to use SUMIF
For Plants
Fresh flowers in a vase will last longer with SUMI in the water. SUMI produces smaller molecule structured water, which not only stays cleaner longer, but is also easier for the flowers to absorb. For pothos or ivy vines that are grown in a room, all you need is water and SUMI. Put equal amounts of SUMI and water into the vase and you will not have to be bothered with changing the water. Potted plants also flourish with SUMI. Simply put some SUMI into the soil for nourishment and drainage and your plants will easily grow and prosper.
For Bathtubs
SUMI will remove the materials in regular tap water, which are bad for your skin and will protect you from diseases such as eczema. It also keeps the tub cleaner because it absorbs dirt from the body. In addition, 1kg of SUMI per tub full of water will give the feeling of natural spring spa water. To use SUMI for bathing, simply put SUMI into a net and lay it on the bottom of the tub before filling it with water. Take the net out and hang it to dry after each use.
It will last for approximately 6 months. After that, you can dry it and use it in a room forever. Do not use any other bath salt at same time.


For Refrigerators
Not only will the odor from foods be absorbed by SUMI, it will also absorb ethylene gases from vegetables, thereby keeping them fresh longer. Users of SUMI are often surprised by the delicious taste of their ice cubes in the freezer as well.

For Tropical and other Fish in Tanks
Put as much SUMI in your tank as you want to and you will not be bothered to clean the tank or change the water ! SUMI will nourish the fish and the minerals from the charcoals will keep them in excellent health. It is recommended to change SUMI every 6 months. After a six - month - use, dry and use it for a room.
For Pets
SUMI absorbs odors from pets and prevents ticks from getting to them. Put SUMI in the areas where the pets play. Pets that suffer from disease can also be healed by SUMI. Replace SUMI from time to time.
For Overall Home Maintenance
SUMI can also be placed underneath the house for overall absorption of moisture, odors, and other unwanted elements in our environment.

SUMI has a wide variety of uses. In addition to the benefits of home living listed above, this precious charcoal is also used to clean rivers.
SUMI has already been cleansed. Please do not use detergent when you wash it by yourself; simply rinse it in water.
The use of detergents will spoil the benefits of SUMI.
Not to be ingested. This is not a food product. It is also not to be used as solid fuel. Do not use it for barbeque.

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